Variation for voice, movement, text and field recordings from ex-industrial areas of Berlin.

Vocals and text: Alessandra Eramo

Dance: Monica Gentile

An interdisciplinary performance including a reading of an excerpt from the “Art of Noises” of Luigi Russolo, as well as vocal interpretation of 9 onomatopoeic words by the vocal artist Alessandra Eramo and movement-dance interpretation by the dancer Monica Gentile. Focusing on the idea that ex-industrial places can still show ghost-sounds, memory and present melt into each other in a new soundscape through our imagination and personal experience.

MuseRuole Festival 2014 – Women in experimental music, Preludio

curated by Andi Stecher
Organised by City of Bozen, in cooperation with Transart, Cinematograph, Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube and Burp Enterprise
Artistic Director: Valeria Merlini.


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